1. Prices and services

Indicative prices for accommodation and other services are listed in the presentation materials of the landlord (web pages, brochures, etc). For the customer it is obligatory this price that is listed in the accommodation voucher (next the voucher). For the range of contracted services and prices is bound by the breakdown in the voucher. The landlord is entitled to the cases that can’t control (e.g.: force majeure, change the agreed conditions of stay).

 2. Cancellation by customer:

The customer is entitled to cancel the order at any time before arrival. Cancellation of residence requires a written electronic form (e-mail with a return receipt) to the address – Crucial date of the cancellation is the date and time sending an e-mail.

Cancellation fees:

For larger groups of people can be arranged individual cancellation fees.

The landlord will not charge the cancellation fee, if he could not draw the contracted services for the following reasons: death in the family, hospitalization of the customer or a family member, serious illness, military call up, disaster. The above facts, the customer has to provide proof within three days of the event.

3. Validity

These terms and cancellation conditions are an integral part of the order and the accommodation voucher.

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